Character Names
1aInsulting NamesInsulting, racist, sexually related, drug-related, harassing or generally offensive names.
1bNonsense NamesNames badly formated or that are unreadable (random letters etc, heiwnxujebyabnwin).
1cFaking NamesNames meant to be used to pretend being someone.
2aTrade Messages in chat channelsPosting trade related messages in other channels than Trade-Channel.
(etc, sell/buy/trade items/services or looking for teams for quests m.m)
2bNon-English Messages in chat channelsSpeaking other languages than English in other channels than World Chat.
2cSpammingRepeating same message in multiple channels or generally spamming channels.
2dIllegal AdvertisingAdvertise games/websites that's not DarkOT
2eOffensiveBeing offensive towards players, calling players idiot/moron/m.m or point out bad English skills.
3aDestructive BehaviorRuining the game for others, etc killing random innocent players, stealing items, scamming people or generally ruining the game for other players.
3bPower AbusingEnforcing own rules on players
3cBlocking PathsBlocking paths in ways that it's considered impossible to kill the blocker.
3dFlaming/Spamming for a punished friendSpamm/Flame started by a friend getting banished/deleted
3eCalling game dead/dyingSaying the game is dead or dying
3fStating reset will comeSaying the game will reset shortly/in future
3gOffensiveBeing offensive towards players
3hTrash-Talking The GameAttempting to convince players not to play or generally talking bad about the game.
3iRuining quest teamsKilling players part of a bigger quest team (lvl 40+ quests and 3+ players team)
3jUnserious quest serviceInviting players to a quest and in some way block the quest or make players unable to continue.
4aMacroUsing macro for any reason.
4bBotUsing bot for any reason.
4cTaskerUsing tasker for any reason.
4dSelling items/accountsSelling items/accounts/characters/service/m.m for money outside DarkOT
4eHackingHacking/Attempt Hacking Game/Players/m.m
4fBug AbusingUsing bug to gain advantages
4gGame Weakness AbusingUsing game weakness to gain advantages
4hAccount SharingMultiple people using same account
Admins & Support
5aLying to staffNot telling the truth when asked
5bBlackmail staffTrying to get items in exchange for important reports.
5cThreat staffThreating staff for any reason, etc saying that X players will leave if not ~ is done.
5dInsult staffInsulting staff or generally being offensive towards staff.
5eIgnore staffDoesn't respect the command of staffs, etc stop spamming staffs when told.
5fFalse reportsKnowingly reporting players/staff for doing stuffs that they didn't do.
5gPretending to have influence on staffPretending to be part of staff, or have influence on them.
5hBegging for help/itemsBegging for help from staff with items/money/m.m
Donating & Supporting games does not protect you from rule enforcement
You can still get deleted/banished for things not mentioned in these rules.
You have to keep eyes in rules, they can change at any time and by playing the game it's your duty making sure you know and understand them.