What Cause Laggs?
Laggs can be caused by anything, really.
It could be your downloads, maybe your music, or maybe because it's a great distance between you and your game.
Or it could be caused by failing routers around the country!

See internet as roads, to get from X to Y, you need to cross a few X-roads and lights, every X-road is a router.
Sometimes a router laggs or get too much to do, traffic-stops! You need to take another way..
But shit, you don't know the area and you take a bad turn and go a lot longer than needed before you arrive.
This is how your signals to games are like, once now and then they will go around something and take longer ways than needed. This cause ping-spikes.

Ping spike is when you maybe have 50 ms ping and suddenly you get 90 ms ping and then back to 50 again.
In this cases, a proxy is like a freeway, you can't go around a problem really, it's just straight ahead and clear signs where to go.

Option One -Latency Fix
Normally your computer have different priorities on what should get more power and what to get less.
And in many cases, computers favour internet browser more than games.
This means your google searches get more power than your games..
(who the hell need 30 less ping searching on google?!)

Latency Fix will change your computer settings to favour games more and your browsers and others less.
You wont notice anything beside that your games may lagg less!

Download Latency Fix, unpack it on your desktop or something and run it.
Click on install button and give it a few seconds.
After doing this, restart your computer to be sure your computer have accepted the changes properly.

Download Latency Fix here

Option Two -WTFast Proxy
Didn't latency fix help? no worries, it doesn't hurt to have it installed so keep it installed!
So lets get to the point.

You may have the road situation here, a lot of it.
So lets give you a freeway to DarkOT so you can enjoy exploring without lagging too much!

1: Download WTFast here (WTFast Stable Build)

2: Install WTFast anywhere you like!

3: Run WTFast!
A little problem that may happen (rare thou), you might not be able to run WTFast, nothing happens when you try it etc.. or it says it crashed when you try to open it.
In that case restart your computer and WTFast should run automatically.
Also it happens, if your computer is password protected, when you start your computer, enter your password and login as fast the screen appears, if you start your computer and go away for X-minutes and login afterwards, you may get the message that WTFast have crashed. Just restart your computer again in that case

3.1 When you run WTFast it should look like this

3.2 Just click login and it will look like this (after some loading)

3.3 Now you should click on "Custom Games".
After that you click "add" and you'll see this window

3.4 In "Name" you can put like "DarkOT".
And then you click on "Browser" and you look for the folder of the DarkOT client, and you double-click on the DarkOT client and finish all by clicking "OK" in the Custom Game Window.

4: Run DarkOT Client through WTFast
Now it should look like this and you should click on "Sort by Ping"

The ping process may take a minute, but once it's done, you can click on the server list, the best one for you is in the top of the list.
Click on the one got least ping for you, and it should look something similar to this

Now you just hit the "Play" button and WTFast will load for a little bit and then run DarkOT client for you.

You may lagg a little the first minute online, but after that it will get smoother!
Also, you're using trial version of WTFast, so it doesn't give you best connection-servers and so on.
But still the free version will help you no matter what!

If you think it works and it's worth it, you can buy a premium account for it and use private and better networks!

You can check things out at WTFast official website here

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and found it helpful!
I wrote this for everyone out there with lagg problems, playing DarkOT or not!
Yours, Marcus Administrator of DarkOT.