On our server you can buy character that's been unused or abandoned for a longer period of time (14+ days). It's the best option for new players that want to get into the game fast, or for players that do not have very much time to play themselves or want to skip the first part of the game (lower levels).

Characters are bought with all the items, skills and quest statuses (and maybe house) it has on it. it will respawn at the home town temple of that char.

Once an auction ends, the character will be added to the account that made the highest bid, The character will then be name-locked and you can rename it on "view account". The character will also have a clean death list, and will be removed from all VIP-lists.

If your bid gets overbid, the donation points will return to your account automatically!

If someone bids on a character when it's less than 5 minutes left on the auction, the timer will start over from 5 minutes.

Once a character has a bid, the auction will start and last for 24 hours.

Are you going on vacation and are afraid of losing your character?
In that case, use "Going on vacation?" button on your account panel.

Characters up for auction
NameLevelVocationAuto WinCurrent BidWorldTime Left#